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Code Of Conduct

1.It is incumbent on the part of students to abide by the instructions issued both in general and as well as in special cases by the Principal and the members of the staff.

2.The students shall behave decently and respectfully towards their respective teachers and other non- teaching staff and also their fellow students.


3.Students must remain present in their respective classes at the prescribed timings. They should not enter in other classes and also in the office of the college.

4.Students should not bring outsiders or their friends along with them inside the college premises.

5.While teaching is in progress, the students are not permitted to loiter alone or in group in the corridors or balconies.

6.Writing, painting or pasting of posters of any kind on walls, windows or doors, spitting or littering the college premises with any substances or committing any unhygienic act will entail a fine of Rs. 50/- Playing holi in the premises is strictly prohibited.

7.Student should use college properties like furniture, fan, books etc with utmost care. In case of damage, the cost shall be recovered from students individually or collectively as the case may be.

8.No students shall not directly send anything concerning college for publication either to the press or elsewhere. Any breach of this rule may entail outright expulsion of student from the college.

9.Students are not authorized to form unions or societies in the college without the prior consent of the Principal. They shall not arrange lectures or invite guests without the prior permission of the principal.

10.Any changes in permanent as well as local address of students must be at once brought to the notice of the office.

11.The students are expected to keep their cycles, two-wheelers duly locked at a space provided. No complaint of loss or theft of unlocked vehicles kept in other than the place provided, will be entertained by the college.

12.Only special notices will be circulated in the class-room. Other notices will be displayed on the college notice Board. It is the responsibility of the students to keep a watch on the college notice board. Lapse on the part of students will not hold college authorities responsible.

13.As per order of Supreme Court, Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. College has anti ragging cell to punish students who are found guilty in such activities.

14.Students should not sit on the parked vehicles in the parking area.

15.Parents / Guardians shall be fully & directly responsible for the behavior of their wards in the college premises.

16.The students found working against the interest of the college, indulging in indecent behavior or breaking the discipline or detrimental to the smooth functions of the college shall be removed from the college roll by granting her transfer certificate without holding any kind of proper enquiry whatsoever. Right to expel or granting T.C. lies solely at discretion of the Principal.

17.The library books issued to the students, should be handled carefully and returned on due dates otherwise delay would entail fine of Re.2/- per day. It is the responsibility of the student to check the pages of the books issued. In case the pages are found missing at the time of return, the students will be required to reimburse the cost of the book.

18.Students have no right to interfere in administration of the college.

19.Students belonging to reserved category must fulfill all the requirements like, caste, income certificates etc. within the prescribed time limit. Delay in submission will result in the rejection of concession for which college will not be responsible. In case of rejection, the students shall pay all the college dues within 15 days.

20.Wearing college I Card is compulsory whenever in college premises . No students is allowed to bring mobile & I pads or any valuables in college premises.

Any breach of the above rules will amount to an act of indiscipline punishable according to the degree of seriousness.